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Guangwei was founded in 1987 and has been renowned in the domestic and international fishing gear industry since 1991, becoming a well-known brand. It covers fishing rods, fishing line wheels, biomimetic fishing baits, bait, and fishing gear supporting products. It has applied for more than 100 patents and owns more than 200 registered trademarks, and has registered the "guangwei" trademark in 64 countries and regions overseas.

Carrying honor and moving forward! Guangwei Outdoor has been recognized as a specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shandong Province for the year 2023; The leading construction of the Shandong Fishing Gear Manufacturing Innovation Center has been recognized as the 2023 Shandong Manufacturing Innovation Center.

At present, the company has implemented a series of industrial integration strategies to maintain the vitality of innovation in Guangwei, building an industrial cluster with a large scale system, obvious scale effects, and complete professional division of labor. The Guangwei brand will stand tall among the world's national fishing gear brands with a higher posture.