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Guangxing brand



Established in December 2011, it is a brand-new giant offering of the Guangwei brand, which is a rising star of Guangwei. Based on the Guangwei brand, Guangxing has carried out a series of innovations and improvements. The quality and service have been better protected, making the brand more vibrant, innovative, and more competitive in the market. Integrate various development advantages and new marketing modes to meet the needs of fishing tackle operators and the brand's dependability.

The Guangxing Brand Outlet Store is committed to achieving “zero” risks for its operators and avoiding the various risks that operators often encounter. It provides direct supply to terminal distributors through manufacturers, speeds up the circulation speed of products, and relies on the influence and market of Guangwei Brand. Well-known, rapid realization of product promotion, the cost advantages brought by large-scale production, let profit to the majority of dealers and consumers.

Brand features:

1. Strong brand advantage

Light Star has inherited Guangwei's excellent quality products and adopted them.

2. Excellent development team

Strong technical team, full support for the agents of the market now and the future of the latest needs, the fastest speed to develop new products, preemptive occupy the market.

3. One-stop shopping

With a wide range of products, it can meet the needs of a retail fishing gear store to sell products, and enjoy a low price for a one-stop purchase from Guang Xing, which is convenient and quick.

4. Perfect after-sales service

The professional team will solve the quality and technical issues for you, and provide guarantees for your goods to ensure that your matching accessories are delivered to you in a timely and accurate manner.In the future, the Guangxing brand will establish an online and offline integrated supply and marketing platform, establish an O2O business model, form a seamless integration of online and offline orders, automatic order distribution of online orders to the nearest stores, speed, allowing customers to experience light stars more quickly and truly. The excellent quality of fishing gear products.