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Shangzhouyao domestic chain sales store is a joint venture Weihaizhouwu Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. sets up a fishing gear sales network nationwide. The company is owned by Weihai Guangwei Group Co., Ltd. and Japan’s largest fishing tackle distribution company—Shangzhou Housing. Co., Ltd. established a joint venture in 1996.

The Shangzhouya brand is an important weight for the Guangwei Group to balance the industrial structure, improve the sales system, and realize the integration of manufacturers. Guangwei has become the national agent of the Shangzhouya brand. With its strong supply and marketing strength, good business philosophy and scientific management mechanism, Guangwei has opened up the era of sales of fishing gear in China, in Beijing, Nanjing, Dalian, Kunming and Shenzhen. There were 15 in Weihai, Changsha, and Fuzhou.

The state-owned chain stores of Shangzhouya fully introduced the management and management thinking of the Upper House of the State of Japan. The shopping environment of the open shelves allows the customers to feel more at home. Their product brands mainly include JSY and CGF. The various gears can meet the needs of customers at different levels of consumption. The collection of international modern and popular new fishing tackle can be adapted to fishing schools, river fishing, stream fishing and other types of fishing, including more than 12,000 kinds of goods such as eel, hook, wire, bait, and so on.

The Shangzhouya brand will also actively cooperate with friends from all walks of life to repay the society in return for newer, faster, higher and better services.

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