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RYOBI Corporation is headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan. In 1942, it was involved in the production of fishing tackle. DAIWA and Shimano are also known as the three major fishing tackle brands in Japan. They have long enjoyed a reputation in the global fishing tackle market.

In 2000, the fishing tackle department, together with its brand use rights, was transferred to the famous fishing tackle chain in Japan, the Upper House Co., Ltd., and Guangwei obtained the agency rights for the RYOBI brand. Based on the quality of Japanese products, Ryobi has formed a reputation in the market for the industry, a reputation for quality, and a degree of taste. It is popular among fishing enthusiasts.

In November 2008, RYOBI INTERNATIONAL International Trade Co., Ltd. was formally established. The Upper House Corporation of Japan authorized Weihai Li Youbi International Trade Co., Ltd. to carry out the RYOBI brand of fishing gear products globally (excluding the Japanese market). ) Production and sales, Guang Wei officially became the RYOBI brand's national distributor.

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