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The RANMI brand is a brand of the sea fishing line under RYOBI. Under the new market situation, Ryobi is redeploying the product structure, enriching the product structure, and satisfying more fishing market for the Ryobi brand. The product's demand for the launch of the brand.Good Beauty - Inheritance Innovation TrustGood-beauty - inheritance.

The origin of Liangmei inherits Liyou's original position as a well-known Japanese brand, inheriting Liyou's consistent control over Japanese craft brands. A higher starting point, a better platform, only for better products.

Good-beauty - aiming at innovation.

The positioning of Liangmei, a professional supplier of sea fishing and fishing equipment. Breakthrough the limitations of the original product structure, bold innovation, the introduction of a new product innovation R & D mechanism, for the sea fishing, boat fishing market brings a well-known brand of cost-effective products. Let more fans enjoy the fun of sea fishing and boat fishing. The beauty of the sea fishing boat fishing should allow more people to enjoy it. (Let everyone enjoy the fun of sea fishing, which is our goal)

Good beauty - win in trust.

Before the United States, the United States won trust in the market and consumer dependence. Trust stems from the recognition of the company's strength. Liyou sells its products globally. The brand has a large number of fans in the global market, and the company's strength is doubtful. The dependence depends on the recognition of product quality. Liangmei is relying on Liyou for more than years of professional Japanese factories. Production management experience, big brands, strength factories, has a strong backing, the quality of good and reliable, no need to gossip.

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