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Maintenance and maintenance of fishing line wheel


1, after each use of the fishing line, the bait on the surface of the wheel should be cleared in time to keep the fishing line clean. Especially in the rainy days and sea fishing, the parts of the soil should be cleaned immediately with water (the salt in the sea water) and the dry cloth is dried in the cool and ventilated place. The gold parts must be scrubbed with gasoline, gear and so on. Parts should be rubbed with butter to prevent rust from bearing and affect normal use.

2. Before each use, the performance of the fishing line must be checked. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to disassemble the main cover and wipe the butter on the key parts, such as the gear slider, the bearing and so on.

3, after each use, the fishing line should be adjusted to the most loose position, the fishing line, which is not used temporarily, can fold the rocker arm well, put it in a dry packing box, put it in the direct sunlight, and put it on temporary ventilation.