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Buoy maintenance needs to be known


With a good float, only proper use and maintenance can be done.

Buoys are the most "arrogant" of fishing tackle in common use and must be protected at all times. Moreover, the buoys commonly used by fishermen are no longer 3 yuan or 5 yuan, the grades are rising and the prices are also rising. Even if not often participate in the game of fishing friends, there are several tens of dollars or even more than 100 yuan of buoys. Once the maintenance is improper, the loss is not small.

1, choose the appropriate box. A good horse matches the saddle. Since a lot of silver has been spent to buy a high price buoy, you can't spare the money to set up a box that suits your buoy. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it can't be dealt with. The traditional 2 yuan and one floating cylinder is absolutely unsuitable. The ten buoys will be enough to rub each other in. There are many kinds of boxes on the market now, and there are many pins. Each label can be fixed in the label box alone, avoiding friction and ensuring straight storage. One more thing is the competitive bucket, each of which has several independent sealing pipes. Each tube is equipped with a standard and can be pre loaded before use. The most standard box is a slide block with slider. Each mark is fixed with a slide block on the shoulder. The slider can adjust the distance from the standard foot to the need. It can ensure that the tail is not deformed by the external force. The general brand in the market is about 40 yuan, the brand name is more expensive, and the price is more than 70 yuan.

2, should pay attention to avoid bumping and squeezing when using. The rubber buoys used nowadays are very small and flexible. When assembling and unloading the buoy on the line group, the strength must be moderate, and the foot will be broken if not noticed. When throwing pole and raising pole, pay attention to the buoy not to knock on the fishing rod, especially when the pole is lifted or suddenly the hook line suddenly bounces back, the buoy is most likely to touch the pole. Do not replace the buoy temporarily, but you should put it in the box in time. Otherwise, it is not only easy to trample, but also easy to fall into the fishing ground.

3, after use, clean and dry in time. Every time a pole is collected, clean water can be stained with a soft cloth (eyeglass cloth) or paper towels (do not use the water of the fishing point and can be used for drinking water) to clean the buoy thoroughly. Remember not to rush home to collect your rod, and you will be able to collect it without any difficulty. The article with fishing friends suggests that we should use the remaining bait to wipe the mark, so we don't know what it means. Commercial bait mostly contains chemical components, which will damage the surface coat of buoys to some extent.

4, do not change the buoy at random. The DIY people in the fishing line are growing more and more strong. They think they can change their rods into two use poles, remould a bait plate and a fishing stool, but do not have a "dissatisfaction" with the buoy, and want to process the buoys. It is not the ability of our "amateur". The center of gravity of the finished buoy is carefully designed. The standard material, color paint, the face paint of the body and so on are very high, and it is difficult to do it very well. Now the market is full of various so-called "some hand work" propaganda, just bluffing gimmick, fishing friends must not take it seriously.