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Difference between the use of an eye rod and a non eye Guide


Use of an eye rod without a guide

1. Remove the upper bolt of fishing rod and pull out the tip of fishing rod.

2. Remove the fishing rod from the sharp section by section. Every two sections of the chimera can be screwed and tightened.

3. When the rod is used, it must be recovered from the tail section by section. When the rod is gathered, you can use the hands to twist the two rods together, which is the chimeric loosening. Then the details will be collected in a rough way. When the pole is collected, it must be gradually absorbed in the experiment, and it should not be suddenly absorbed by force. Otherwise, it may cause hand injury. The rod must be gradually collected from the tail section. Otherwise, if the details of the tip are first obtained, details may fall into other rough sections, causing damage to the fishing rod.

Use of an eye rod

1, remove the protective cap of the guide eye, then pass the fishing line (the bus bar) from the largest guide eye to the smallest top ring guide eye.

2. The order of pulling out the fishing rods is to remove them from the cusp section and remove them one by one.

3. After the rods are pulled out completely, the guide eye rings should be arranged in a straight line.

4. After use, the pole should be recovered from the tail pole.