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Common sense of fishing rod maintenance and use


1, to prevent the paint off the wet and unclean fishing rod closed sealed, the closed water may cause the fishing rod to paint or bubble, in order to prevent this phenomenon, the use of water after the use should thoroughly dry, the pole in the ventilation place completely dry, and then sealed.

  2. To prevent rusting from sealing the unclean fishing rod, it may cause the natural fading of electroplating and other accessories as well as corrosion of metal parts, resulting in the loss of eye, wheel seat and tail bolt. Therefore, salt, moisture and dirt must be cleaned before sealing.

  3, absolutely can not use gasoline, thinner, alcohol and other organic substances scrub fishing rod.


  1, please be careful not to contact the rod, line, wire, wire, etc. so as to prevent electric shock from causing casualties, especially the raw material of carbon pole (carbon fiber), which is absolutely not used under high pressure line or wire. The possibility of casualties caused by high pressure discharge near the high pressure line also exists, and the use of fishing rod must be paid attention to the week. The security of the enclosure.

  2, when lightning strikes, we must immediately collect the fishing rod or leave the fishing pole to prevent lightning from causing electric shock and causing casualties.


  . Before you throw a pole, you must first recognize that there is no one around to ensure the safety of others. Hooks, bait and plummet are very dangerous if you touch others.

  Be careful:

  . When the rod joint is too tight, the rod can be placed vertically on the ground, and then the pole section is brought down with the income section of the tip section, or the fishing rod is gripped to the ground.