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How to unravel the line of angling


Sometimes bait and Lu Ya will lead to fishing line entanglement, so that you can not continue to fish. It teaches you how to unravel the winding line.

  Operation steps:

  1, if the angler is a fishing boat, after the winding occurs, place the fishing rod on the pole and empty the winding part.

  2. Remove all the small accessories on the fishing line.

  3. Open the insurance on the fishing line and start releasing the fishing line. The fishing line must go through all the holes in the fishing rod and fishing wheel.

  4. During the operation of the boat, the fishing line is put into the water. The friction of water will pull the fishing line out of the fishing line.

  5. Release the fishing line as much as possible. If necessary, you can release the fishing line beyond the winding point and then close the insurance. So maybe there will be dozens of meters of fishing line out.

  6, let the fishing line float for a few minutes behind the stern, and the current will help you unhook the fishing line.

  7, the fishing line income fishing line, this time winding fishing line has no entanglement, become straight.

  Small skills:

  1, pay attention to whether there are other vessels around the line. If the fishing line is released tens of meters, it will easily be cut off by other ships.

  2, ship speed is not important for the whole operation process, as long as it exceeds the speed of idling. Under the speed of idling, the water can not pull the fishing line out of the fishing line.