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Fishing on a sunny day and the difference between the maintenance of the fishing rod


When fishing, some of the fishing friends will appear when the hook hangs on the weeds, when a little hard line (or a little fish is caught), one of the three sections of the fishing rod breaks suddenly, which is considered a problem of the quality of the fishing rod. In fact, it is not the usual fishing rod maintenance. Here, let me talk about how I do the fishing rod maintenance.

In addition to the maintenance of fishing rod in ordinary use, we should pay attention to light and light, and do not put it on the rocks and sand, the key is to go home after fishing to carry out careful maintenance of fishing rods.

One is sunny fishing, the fishing rod is insolate in the sun for a day, the natural water in the pole is consumed in a large amount, and then the pole is stuffy. For a long time, the "dead rod" will be formed and the elasticity is lost, and one day it will suddenly appear because the elastic force is not broken. Maintenance method: after fishing home, first use a hot and wet towel (about 50 degrees) to gently move the fishing rod back and forth, (called supplement water), after 20 minutes to air, then use a piece of flannelette on the car wax (no car wax can be lighted by the candle on the flannelette) and gently apply the fishing rod (called it wax), and finally the fishing rod. Open the body and hang out overnight.

Two is the rainy day fishing, the fishing rod is wet by the rain, although the pole has been used to wipe the rod, but the humidity is still very heavy, the second days to open the fishing rod will still feel a little wet, for a long time, not only the surface of the fishing rod will be peeled off, and it will gradually weathering (especially the second pole and even the fishing rod. " In the first three quarters, when a hook or a fish is caught, it will break. This kind of maintenance treatment method is relatively simple, that is after fishing in the rain, go home must use dry cloth every section of the fishing rod, and then arranged in the ventilation room to dry overnight.

In addition, fishing rods should be regularly waxed and maintained regularly, not only when fishing rods are used, but also their service life will be increased.