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How to maintain the hook


The use and maintenance of the hook: the sharpness of the hook is the key to the size of the fish. How to keep the sharpness of the hook is a problem that every angler must pay attention to.

(1) before fishing, the hook tips of the hooks used are sharp, whether the barn is appropriate, the hook line is tied, the tie law is correct, and so on, it must be checked one by one.

(2) the most important part of the hook tip is to be specially protected. When fishing, you should pay attention to not making the hook contact hard, and hang grass as little as possible when the grass is fishing, because the water grass is very easy to blunt the hook tip.

(3) after catching a big fish, check whether the hook tip is still sharp. If it has been passivated, the hook should be replaced.

(4) after fishing hooks are used, wipe the surface of the hooks and dry them, and apply a little vegetable oil. The blunt hook can be sharpened with the oil stone.

5. Long time unused hooks should be placed in a cool and dry place, preferably sealed.