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How to protect the fishing rod


After buying a satisfactory fishing rod, it is natural to match the fishing line. Many of the fishing friends are afraid of breaking the line to run the fish, and try to buy a little bit of fishing line, which has a certain endurance. If the pulling force of the fishing line is much more than the endurance of the rod, it is very easy to cause the broken line to run the fish. Therefore, we must not blindly arrange the wiring. We must consult the best line number (main line and sub line) and do not exceed the scope.

In the process of fishing, there will be a number of fishhook hanging phenomenon, in this case, do not force upward, so it is easy to break the rod, and the pole should be laid flat, so that the rod, line, hook form a straight line, hold the fishing rod slowly back, until the river bottom foreign objects pull out, most of the line tear, and will not damage the fishing rod.

In the opposite order of the fishing end, the fishing end should be retracted in the opposite order of the rod. If not, it is very easy to slip down to the front port of a certain section of the previous section, just hold back the second section of the reciprocal number that has not been recovered, and many of the fishing friends think that the second section is too tight to take back, so the rod will hit the ground hard, and the result will result in the result. The result will result in the result of the rod hitting the ground hard. The result is the result. Cause these two pieces to tear each other like bamboo sticks, causing undue losses.

Another case is that the pole slips down first and then replaces the back sections. The result is a bit of misalignment. Drilling into the two section of the sandwich will cause damage to the fishing rod.

According to statistics, the occurrence of above two kinds of rods is the main reason for the damage of fishing rods, which accounts for more than half of the damaged proportion of fishing rods. Sometimes, when you buy a good pole, you can't leave the shop or enjoy the fishing rod in your home. If you encounter the first few sections slipping into the situation, you can tilt the pole mouth, the first few sections out, and then recover by section.