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Maintenance of fish wheel after sea fishing


Fish wheel is one of the fishing gear we often need to use when fishing, especially for friends who love sea fishing. Because of the complex structure of fishing wheels, fishing friends should have some common sense in their use.

After fishing from the seaside, the fishing rods, fish wheels, fishing lines and decoy equipment should be washed and dried before fresh water can be collected.

The general maintenance of fish wheels mainly includes the washing of line cups, handles, main bearings and lubrication and lubrication of mating surfaces. This kind of maintenance is suitable for the daily cleaning and maintenance of short fishing trips. Fishing friends can do their own work without having to disassemble fish wheels thoroughly. Just remove the line cup and handle of the fish wheel and rinse off the surface seawater with fresh water and dry it. Before installing, check the grease of each mating hole and surface, and then add it back as usual.

Moderate maintenance of fish wheels, suitable for long-term fishing, phased maintenance. It is a little more complicated than simple maintenance. You need to remove the line cup holder, open the gear box cover on the main frame, let the water vapor evaporate naturally, then install the fuel back. This job is suitable for more experienced fishing friends.

The advanced maintenance of fish wheel is to disintegrate the fish wheel and clean the parts to the oily sludge. The operation is complex and the parts need to be removed. It is best to send the fish wheel to the professional maintenance point. If the fishing friend has a certain knowledge of mechanical maintenance, it can also try to do it yourself.

In addition, the overrunning pulley is often neglected in maintenance. When there is a seizure, it will cause serious damage to the fishing line. After dismantled, it is necessary to check whether the running of the bearing is smooth, then clean the oil sludge, and then install a small amount of grease on the pulley hole and bearing hole.