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How to maintain the line


First, wipe the line clean every time you collect it. Most of the friends are used to wipe the rods well, but there are lots of dirt on the line, which will wear the fishing line. In the end, you can wipe the line as well as a pole. Wait a minute, wait until the line is dry.

Second, do not close the line too tightly. We have been fishing for a day, and the line will stretch more or less. If the take-up is too tight, the line will not normally shrink and affect the life of the line.

Third, try to avoid exposure to the line, especially in summer. In summer, the sun is very good at noon. When we rest or eat, we should let the line be in the water, and the line is often exposed to sunlight, which is also easy to age.

Fourth, check the line often. In particular, a few years of the line, to check regularly, not to quickly change, so as to avoid the big fish break the main line of the situation, then may cause greater loss. A friend often breaks the main line when he sticks a pole. The result is that the fish, the mainline and the drift are gone.

Fifth, do not force the rod too hard.