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Selection of bait


A good bait has been prepared, and it will not be able to get the desired result if it does not lead the fish swarm into the nest quickly. So there's a good bait in addition to the bait. The role of bait is to make the fish see the food or smell the food, feed the fish, and make the fish often in the nest.

In many places, fishing enthusiasts often use rice or millet and soak with wine. As a bait. The reason is that the rice grain is small. After eating, some of the fish will leak out from the gills, and it is not easy to eat up immediately. Rice seed soaked in water will not deteriorate and degenerate easily. It is also used as a bait for distiller's grains and sugar grains. Because of its strong fragrance and fast distribution, it is easy to attract fish stocks, but it is not resistant to food and has poor enduring performance. It is also useful for the mixture of Mike, soya bean powder, rapeseed cake and sweet potato cake. It is characterized by a large amount of water, which can be foggy after immersion in water. It is suitable for fishes to swallow, and the fish should be faster than the grain. Therefore, some fishermen also used the same way with rice nest, and received good results. The method is to select the Caesar, first with a hand sawing, a wider range, about one to two square meters, and then a mixed nest of grain. The nest should be renewed every two to one hour to keep the fish together. At present, the mixed feed for chickens fed on the market is also very attractive. It is easy and easy to use. In the past, people often thought that the bait was too much. If the fish was full, they would not bite. But first withdraws the bait's finitability, and then the bait is more sophisticated than the bait. Fish have the habit of "fighting for food". As long as the fish are introduced, it is the best thing to eat, and then the rest. The purpose is to keep the fish in detention and bait with bait. It is only the most taboo point to minimize vibration when stimulating bait or filling up the nest. There is a kind of empty nest which is only flavour without material. The empty nest is made of 6O%'s water, 1O%'s liquor and 30% sesame oil mixed liquid. When fishing, you will take the mixed liquid to the Jun field, take the soil on the ground, infiltrate into the liquid ingredients, knead into the mud mass into the fishing point, the fish smells and can not find the food, and can not find the food in the nest. At this time, the hooked fishing is easy to catch.

There are also fishermen using vinegar dregs mixed with soy sauce trough to build a nest. This kind of litter has strong acid choking smell. It is an ideal bait for attracting silver carp and Bighead, specializing in fishing for silver carp and Bighead.

Using bait to make a nest, you can have a movable nest and a fixed nest. The fixed nest is no longer retracted after the bait. The movable nest can be moved according to the situation, but the production and delivery are more troublesome. Especially after the fish hook, it is easy to bind the hook with the wire of the fixed nest, and disturb the fish farm. Especially catching big fish is hard to avoid. That is to say, catching fish does not run, it will also affect future fishing. But as a way of doing it, you might as well know.

To do the nest, not only to lure the fish and not to be easily swallowed by the fish, so it is often used to pack the bait with perforated cloth so that the bait can be slowly leached from the pore body and then a buoy is bundled on the bait. (such as the straw or the like), measure the depth of water and put it in the fish nest. As long as the fish eat it, the fish can be observed from the fretting of the buoy, and it is convenient for the Shi Jun, when the position of the transfer is needed, the line on the bait bag can be pulled back. It also plays a lasting role in the bait. The interested person may try. In addition to the limited fishing distance, you may wish to spread more positions in free fishing, and you can choose the best ones and play the role of roundabout. But the spacing should be very close. Do not play a duplicate role, but the effect is not good.

In addition, fishing with sea poles, because fishing distance is too far, generally inconvenient to do nest, only on the bait to think of ways, that is, bait also play a role in bait. There are bamboo bait bait, long distance bait, but not allowed. Of course, in the sea area, it is possible to use small fish or fish to bait in the sea. Recently, the sea pole caught large fish, popular throughout the country, repeatedly baiting with sea poles, and it is feasible to fish fish for adults. One is to use bombs to hook and control food that is easy to dissolve in water as bait. However, if we want to practise the technology of pole throwing, we can not get more than two meters away from each shot. If we throw the pole badly, we will not be able to throw the ball in the East.