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How to look at the fishing time from the tide table


To understand the tide time, first to understand the data sheet of the tide, the number of the left and right of the tide table is daily tide height, up and down for time (0-0 to express). The height of the sea level in the area on the left and the right is the height of the sea level (the conversion unit is meter), which is what we call the altitude. The height of the tide is measured according to this data. The tide has risen when the tide is over 0, and the height of the tide is based on the gravity of the earth and the moon. Adjusted, he is divided into 15 days to be a tidal wave cycle, of which the first and fifteen are the highest tide of the tide, that is, the so-called tide, the duration is 3-4 days, the other time is the small tide period, which is related to the moon's moon deficiency. If you want to catch fish in the sea, you must first master the fluctuation time and change of tide.

The following is the data of the May 18th tide table for example, first of all, we start from 12 p.m. on 17 at 12 p.m. to 18 at 12 p.m. for 24 hours. Next, the specific fishing time is classified so that you can see clearly.

1, the first time should be: No. 18 early in the morning to start at 3 point to 6, this is the beginning of the tide period, is the peak of the fish morning foraging, that is, fish after the first breakfast after the first time, when you choose a good fishing position, the correct use of bait and fishing, generally have a good harvest.

2 and 18 are from 6 to 11, at this time the full tide period. When the water is not flowing at the high tide at the high tide, the fish is at the time of rest at the same time. It's hard to catch the big fish at the same time. Because the big fish will leave the rock zone when the tide is not smooth, the small fish will take care of the place where the big fish is occupied by the fish. A proper rest and a good spirit.

The 3 and 12 -15 points are the ebb period, which is due to the first ebb, the flow increases, and the short rest of the fish is back to the place where the small fish is occupied by the tide. Hard bait (such as using sugar to drown hard shrimp or live bait, etc.), otherwise the bait is eaten clean by a small fish when it is not in the end, and can't reach the big fish hiding place, and you do not fish to the big fish.

4, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. for the peak of the second big fish in this day, that is, dinner time. This time, because the fish is already at rest after a day of fatigue, it is basically not going to come out. This is the most favorite time for the fishermen. This time is only floating, you have to watch out carefully. The fish is definitely not a little guy.

5. From this we can easily see that fishing time can be divided into two categories simply:

A), high tide fishing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 tide,

B), the tidal leg fishing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 tide,

These two periods are the time for big fish to appear. Other time is the time for us to rest our strength.

6. If the fishing time is the opposite, the time of fishing should be selected at the low tide point, the middle tide turn point and the high tide point. Use the blue mark point.