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The secret of the big fish


In order to slip a big fish, you can usually divide the following steps:

  1, drifting feel the fish is not small, ready to be prepared.

  2, the pole feels strong and tries to raise the bar so that it can become a bow and avoid tug of war.

  3, the son wanted to lift up and not to rise, and fell to the sides (about 45 degrees).

  4, you can also sneak into the river and quickly pull into the river. You can press it down to the bottom of the water and become a bow. The premise is to know the depth of the river and pay special attention to it.

  It's better to put the lost rope.

  5, slip fish generally use the word "8".

  6, let the fish run with the load, that is, when the fish runs, it will go up, but not very loose, let the fish swim very hard.

  7, fish song is tight, fish swim to the ideal direction when we are about to stop.

  8, try to let fish swim on the surface of the water, and the bottom of the fish is obviously powerful.

  9, let the fish breathe more and drink more water, but we should pay attention to it. After the air is breathed, the strength of the general struggle is very large.