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Identification of FRP rods and carbon rods


A method for identifying a FRP rod and a carbon pole. Mainly on the distinction between quality and carbon content, let me give you a brief introduction.

Carbon rod features: light, stiff, straight, thin, bright, good quality, exquisite production, good elasticity, big fishing, fishing (feel) good, strong overall performance.

Which is good for carbon rods and FRP rods?

Fishing rods are the main tools for fishing. Fishermen want to have one or more pairs of fishing rods that are exquisitely made, handy and handy. The quality of carbon rods and fiberglass poles can not be generalized.

1, the carbon pole has electric signs, and there are no fiberglass poles.

2, FRP rods are rough in texture, with mesh patterns. They can see crisscrossed warp and weft threads. The carbon pole is of fine texture, and there is no pattern outside the wall of the tube. It is dark and bright. Even if there are some mesh patterns, it is also a carbon fiber bottom cloth. It is fine and silver white. It is very different from the warp and weft of the fiberglass rod. Carbon rod has great strength, good electrical conductivity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The diameter of the FRP rod is coarse and the weight is clumsy. The carbon rod is light, straight, straight and thin, and the top coat is mainly transparent or translucent paint. It can see the material of the pole.

4, use the multimeter to measure it, twist it to the resistance "K" gear, two test pens contact the end of each section of the end of the paint, the needle swings to carbon steel rod; the needle is not moved to the glass steel rod.

FRP rods are fishing rods with composite materials reinforced by fiberglass. Carbon rod is a composite fishing rod with carbon fiber as reinforcements. Glass fiber reinforced plastic rods are heavier than carbon rods, and the quality is not as good as carbon rods. However, they have good elasticity, high strength, low price and no electricity. For anglers who live near thunderstorms or high voltage lines, glass fibre rods are the best choice. In fact, the choice of what kind of pole should be chosen by fishermen according to their hobbies and actual consumption level.