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Fishing should learn to combine


We should pay attention to static when we are fishing, which depends on the season, time, water and the fishing environment, but the quiet of the fishing process is also relative, not in a certain place. Sometimes a proper move will lead to unexpected results. Let's say the following.

1, in a certain fishing position for a long time not fish, should consider "move a move": choose a good nest, throw water, calm and wait for the fish, but a good long time passed, the float did not respond, in this case, we should consider the appropriate fishing position? What are the effects of weather changes on fish? It is necessary to move a move in time and change the fishing position; if the shallow water does not go to the fish, then the deep water is caught; the lower wind mouth does not catch the fish, and then the tuyere is caught; the place where there is water and grass is not the fish, and then the water area is caught, and the situation may change.

2, small miscellaneous fish nest serious, to catch up not to go, we should consider "move one movement": sometimes, in a certain place fishing, near the nest, to recruit a large number of small fish, will float up and down, in this case, we should consider the "move", or choose the periphery of the fishing line; or not the nest "go fishing".

3. Fishing in a place, the fish is faster and more, and even the other fishermen come, and the other fishermen come and go. This time should be "moving": Fishing somewhere, maybe because the choice of fishing point is especially good, the nest is timely, the fish is fast and much, after the other fishing friends see it all around, in a little while, your nest. There are seven or eight fishing rods inside and outside. The fish in the nest was frightened and swam elsewhere. At this point, you have to move and take off as early as possible.

4, fishing on the hand pole, usually 2 to 3 nest. After fishing for some time in a certain fishing spot, you should "move and move" and change your nest to catch fish in time. According to the "one day, three moves" and "morning and evening fishing side" fishing proverb, "moving and moving": "one day, three moves" means three periods of fishing -- early, middle and late. According to the change of time in a day, we should look for the fishing position rationally and adapt ourselves to the law of fish feeding. Sooner or later, fishing; the middle effect of fishing at noon is better. "Fishing early in the West and fishing in the East" is also scientific.

In the process of fishing, dynamic, static, dynamic and static combination is needed to find the dynamic in the static fishing environment, so that fishing activities can really become relaxed and happy.