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The relationship between fish news and fishing method


There are various ways of feeding fish, and most of the fish we catch now are sucked to feed, such as Qing, Cyprinus, grass, green, silver carp and so on.

Crucian carp is used to force the muscles of the gills to carry out the tension. It produces pressure on the water, so that the water flows into the mouth and excreted from the gills, and the food is blocked by the gill filaments in the mouth. When bait, the movement of bait to the oral cavity is straight. The upper and lower jaws of the crucian carp are basically homogeneous, so it is necessary to take a dip angle when feeding, so as to absorb food deposited on the surface of the sediment. After entering the food, Carassius auratus will consciously adjust its body position, so sucking, adjusting and leaving is the process of floater reaction.

Although Carassius auratus eats the same way, there are different fishing messages under different fishing methods. For example, the fish will be forced to move with the bait, so the drifting will sink when the fish's kiss end and the distance from the bait are greater than the distance of the bait. After the bait entrance, the fish will adjust its body position, leave the pendant outside the mouth, and the fish sink with the weight of its own gravity, and the weight of the weight is transferred to the mouth of the fish because of the connection between the brain line and the hook, and the float begins to float. When the height of the fish mouth is lower than that of the hook, the falling bottom does not form a burden on the fish mouth. If the height of the fish mouth is higher than the length of the hook, the pendant will be dragged away from the bottom and the float will be lifted up.

The bream fish has a higher range of head raising after eating, while the carp's mouth shape is that the upper jaw covers the mandible, and the bait can be inhaled only by a small dip angle. The carp also has the habit of swimming and eating arrows, that is to say, on the side of feeding and moving forward, the performance of the float is that the bait is dragged and fallen, and the trailer is moving. The upper jaw of grass carp is not as prominent as carp, but the muscles of the mandible are strong enough to generate sufficient suction and attract a wide range of food. Grass carp also has a process to push the bait into the throat when the hook enters the mouth, so the movement of the float is eager to lift the rod, and the hook may be caused by the hooked entrance.