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Rules for fishing


Most of the lakes in the natural environment are located in the deep mountains and in the fovea away from the people. When we choose what kind of fishing, we should decide on the actual situation and the length of the actual fishing time.

The main time for working people to go fishing on weekends is to find the right waters, so that they can do the best to catch the big fish. I think the office workers should find a lake or reservoir that can reach within one or two hours or near the city. Select the lake library to pay attention to a few points: one is to choose no one down the pole, the depth of three meters to ten meters between the best, two is to choose the relatively flat bottom of the water, do not choose the place under the water more obstacles, three is the choice of spacious water to the narrow surface of the transition section. The larger inlet is also a good catch.

The fishing friends with free time have plenty of time, and they can have a wide range of choices, especially the remote mountain lakes, which is the first choice for fishing friends to go out. Go out to protect the fishing pond, and pack up for ten and a half days, making it easier to meet the dream of big fish. The fishing point in the field is also a few points: one is to choose deep and not to choose shallow, if a small piece of cliff in the cliff of a pole, it will be able to catch a big fish, two is to choose a remote no election, the inaccessible corner will be expected, three is to choose wide and not narrow, there is more food on the wide water, and the fish live here. More frequent, three is the big fish in deep water and quiet place, the water is muddy place, many days bait temptation can form a big fish farm.

In order to set up the fishing plan, what should be done in the fishing position is: first, feed the nest. Two to the pole. Put down a number of sea rods, mainly by explosive hooks, each pole should be directed to the bait falling and surrounding, the rod distance is about two meters, and the trapezoid fan shape can be. Three bait. It is not too hard to change bait, but it can be changed two hours, especially in the early morning, before dawn, because it is easiest for big fish to hunt for food at six or seven. Four waiting. It's hard to catch a big fish without patience. Five news of fish watching.