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Fishing skills on the river


River fishing generally adopts a cross toothed fishing rod. The taper of the rod is larger, and the length of the rod is more than four feet. It is suitable for fishing in deep water, such as fishing on a boat. In recent years, the popularity of the use of the pole river fishing, its lightweight, practical performance is very suitable for swimming along the river.

The pole has the advantages of pole and pole, which can be long and short, and can be retractable freely. When it is used for fishing, it should be used for fishing poles, and fishing rods should be used for fishing. The fork type disc is flexible, light and convenient, and can adjust the length of the wind line easily. By contrast, the pole with spinning wheel is not so light and practical. The poles generally match 20 silk main line 100 meters, the main line which is bigger than 20 will cause the defense line to be blocked because of the water back, which affects the implementation of releasing drift fishing. The use of the brain line is mainly aimed at dealing with all kinds of water and fish conditions, and conveniently changing the size of different hooks, protecting the mainline and the seven stars floating on the main line. The pole can overcome the shortcomings of the rod and the wind, and absorb the advantages of the sea pole. The pole can not only catch still water, but also catch water. It can be used for fishing and fishing.

And it's the opening. When the pendant unfortunately hangs the bottom, we don't have to be careful to lose the hook and even lose the whole fishing group. We only need to lift the long line with a little force.

Three is the fish drift, drifting group. White plastic stars are very small and can be fitted with a light drop, which is very suitable for fishing on the shore. The Seven Star drift is highly adaptable to the water environment and has excellent sensitivity. It is the preferred float for near fishing. The role and universality of seven stars in various fishing methods should not be neglected.

The four is the brain line and the hook. The size of the hook, the thickness of the brain line, and the weight of the fall should be chosen according to the fish condition. The more urgent the water is, the longer the line should be.