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The skill of fishing black fish


Some fishing friends reaction is difficult to catch black fish by way of sub fishing.

1, the black fish only in the water and grass lush water activities, generally not how to move, often latent, and using the sea pole to jilt the road is not feasible, so say, fishing black fish is not suitable for Luru fishing.

2. Fishing line of the black fish. It is important to use long rods, 6 meters or more, with hard lines and thick lines, which is very important. The length of the line depends on the height of the water and grass that you catch.

3, fishes the bait of the black fish. It is very effective to use small frogs, and with small fish heads. Black fish are never choosy when they bait. As long as the fish wants to eat, the hook will catch it as well.

4. Fishing for a black fish. Black fish usually have their own territory, which is a nest. In many places of black fish, there are empty pits on patches of grass, which may be a black fish hunting ground.

5. Fishing for black fish. After finding the catch point, the pole extends over and lets the bait jump on the water surface, of course, is your function of shaking the fishing rod. The key is not to be too anxious to lift the rod after the fish has eaten the hook. Because the long rod is short, it will cause the fish not to eat strong, but you pull the hook out of its mouth. It should be slowed down, it may have second impact action, or let it run on its own line, then the rod will be more stable.