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Five categories of sea fishing bait


There are many kinds of bait for fishing, which can be divided into five categories: annulus, shellfish, crustaceans, fish and plants.

1, centipede, Red Sea worm, Lan Haichong, sand worm, used for fishing bass, black sea bream, Haruko, sand shuttle, sparrow, black hair, river fish Tuen, fish, eel, yellow chicken, and so on;

2. Shellfish clams, mussels, snails, barnacles, Chang Jie, Shi Bao, oysters, etc., are used to catch stone snapper, black porgy, peeling fish, river fish pond, hawk snapper and so on.

3. Crustaceans, crabs, crabs, prawns, lobsters, sea cockroaches, Antarctic prawns, etc., are used to catch Jimmy fish, bass, black sea bream, stone snapper, yellow chicken fish, black hair, fish puffer, red sect, sea eel, sparkfish, stone dog male, grouper, etc.

4, fish autumn knife, bitter offspring, green scales, small rolls, bomb fish and so on, used to catch black snapper, stone dog, spring, fish, cranes, bonito, jilfish, eel, grouper, white fish, and so on.

5, plants such as laver, sea hair, Chinese cabbage and carrageenan are used to catch black haired, white haired, smelly belly fish, hanging fish and so on.

The silkworm is one of the most popular kinds of bait, and the silkworm is mainly divided into red silkworm and green silkworm.

Red silkworms are thick and flat, with good meat quality and strong hooks, and are not easily decomposed. It is most suitable for fishing. The price of green silkworm is cheaper, and its body is soft. Fish like to peck, but it tends to decay.

The general bait shop sells all kinds of worms. The worm has strong vitality and moderate size. It can survive for a long time after hooked. Food shrimps sold in the market are too large to be bait, but shrimps, such as red shrimp, can also be bought for bait. Small shrimps are used for catching snapper and other fish species; prawns are usually used to catch large grouper and bass. Dead shrimp is the cheapest and most suitable for amateurs.

Sometimes, the fishing enthusiasts bait the fine fish, but the attraction is less than the raw shrimp and the worm. It's best to fish with crab meat, because crabs love to eat fish. If you catch up with the season of the mackerel, small fish will be an excellent bait. In addition, snail and sea cockroaches can be caught at the seaside. These are all excellent bait, attractive, flesh succulent and tough, and resistant to fish bite.