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The implementation plan of carrying out the party's mass line educational practice in depth


  The branches of each party:

  According to the views of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on carrying out the party's mass line education practice in depth (No. 4 [2013]) and the office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the guiding opinions on carrying out the educational practice of the mass line in the party's mass line (No. [2014] 4), which was deployed according to the unified deployment of the municipal Party committee and the district party work committee. In depth, the party's mass line education practice (hereinafter referred to as "educational practice") is carried out, and the Party committee of the group company has set up the following activities in combination with the actual practice of our company.

  1. Objective requirements

  The party's mass line education practice activities should be guided by the party's eighteen major and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, conscientiously study and carry out the general secretary of Xi Jinping's series of speech, adhere to the general requirements of "mirror, dress, wash and bath, cure the disease", and firmly focus on the party's advanced nature and purity. The theme of the people's pragmatic and honest integrity, the implementation of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the regulation of the party and the government's strict economy and the anti waste regulations. The group company and its affiliated units are closely connected and linked up and down, the work style construction is highlighted, the spirit of rectification is carried out, and the prominent problems reflected by the workers and the workers are solved to improve the new situation. The ability of staff and workers to improve the ideological and ideological knowledge of Party members and cadres, to improve the work style, to strengthen basic work at the grass-roots level, to condense the wisdom and strength of the whole company, and to promote the sustained and healthy development of the business of Guang Wei group. Finally, we will create a strong leading body and cadre contingent, leading the good leadership of the group leaders, and create the everlasting development advantages of the enterprises.

  Two. Scope of activity

  The scope of participating in this educational practice is: the party organization of the group company and its subordinate units and all the Communist Party members. The focus is on the group company and the leading groups and leading cadres in all its units, and the educational practice of the grass-roots organizations which are closely linked with the staff and workers, and to strengthen the views of the masses of Party members and cadres and the mass line education of the party's mass line.

  Three. Basic principles

  1, adhere to positive education. To strengthen the views of the Marx doctrine and the party's mass line education, to strengthen the party spirit and Party discipline education and moral conduct education, to guide the Party cadres to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, to enhance their service consciousness, to speak the party spirit, to conduct their conduct and to make a form, to practice the socialist core values, and to adhere to the spiritual pursuit of the Communists.

  2, insist on leading the leadership. Leading group members at all levels should give full play to the leading role of demonstration, take the lead in learning, take the lead in research, take the lead in listening to opinions, take the lead in talking, take the lead in criticizing and self-criticism, take the lead in rectification, and form the leadership of the group leading demonstrations. At the same time, we should strive for the implementation of the mass line.

  3, adhere to the actual effect. To open the door for the activities, the staff and workers are invited to participate in the work, to make the staff judge and to be supervised by the staff and workers, and to make efforts to achieve actual results in solving the unrealistic, irregular and improper behavior, and to improve the working ability of the workers, the close relationship between the cadres and the masses, the wholehearted service for the workers and the workers, and the actual results for the interests of the staff and workers.

  4, adhere to the emphasis. According to the different circumstances of the group company, the two level organs, the leading group and the leading cadres, the outstanding problems that need to be solved in the implementation of the party's mass line are found, and the target requirements and measures suitable for their respective characteristics are put forward. Encourage exploration and innovation, make the required actions in place, and make the optional movements distinctive.

  Four, method steps

  According to the deployment of the Party committee of the Central Committee, the provincial Party committee and the high level Party committee, our company's educational practice began in January this year and was basically completed in September. Specific to the Party branch, the activity time is generally not less than 3 months. We should adhere to the frontier study and change the border, carry out the study and education through all the time, ensure the reform and implementation through all the time, ensure the learning education, listen to the opinions, find out the problems and carry out the criticism; the three links of the rectification and implementation and the construction of the system are connected and integrated.

  (1) learning education and listening to opinions

  The key is to set up a sense of purpose and enhance the views of the masses. The key is to listen directly to the masses.

  1. learning and education, organizing party members and cadres to study carefully "on the mass line - important exposition and compilation", "the selection of learning documents for the practice activities of the party's mass line education practice", "excerpt the economy against waste" and "excerpt an important discussion", study the theory system of Chinese characteristics, study the party constitution and the party The eighteen major reports and the spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee study the important speech of the general secretary Xi Jinping, study the spirit of the speech of the higher leadership on the practice of education, study the glorious history of the party and the fine tradition, the ideal and belief of the party members and cadres, the party spirit, the moral character education and the Chinese characteristics. Socialist propaganda and education, real education and warning education, in deep learning, deep thinking and deep understanding, really touch the mind and touch the soul. To concentrate on learning, Party members of the company should read one by one and concentrate on study and discussion for no less than 3 days. In depth understanding of the main problems in the "four winds" of the leading group and its members of the group. At the same time, we will convene the Secretary of the group company and the Minister of the Party Committee Organization of each sub branch to carry out training. All units should hold a mobilization meeting of the party's mass line educational activities, and the group company will organize the people.