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The technique of fishing bait in autumn


Autumn is the feast of fish feeding, and all kinds of fishes are preparing for the winter and eating frantically to accumulate fat, from the beginning of September to the end of October, which is one of the best two periods of the year. Take the time to get a good harvest. The main fishing species are crucian carp, carp and grass carp.

First, earthworms, red worms and maggots are the first to be pushed here.

Two, seven corn noodles, the best is the fine yellow, the better, two flour, a rice noodles, add a small amount of sugar, put in a small amount of white sugar, mix together, wash the soup into thick paste with boiling water, thin consistency can be made for the standard, the cage steamed for 20 minutes, out of the cage cool breaking into a regiment, knead to add a few drops of banana incense Fine, add a few drops of lilacs, yam Nai, Qu wine, never put more, more than the effect is not, the key to the production of this bait on the soft hardness, rather than soft, less spices and less.

Three, on the basis of the previous feed, add a baked sweet potato, knead into a ball, the effect is also good, but also a little better.

Four, the fresh corn pulping machine is made into paste.

1. 1/3 paste, 1/3 bubble bait, 1/3 chicken feed, put a bit of spice, plus a little bit of wine, with the white surface tone viscosity, making the rod bomb bait is very good.

2. after the corn paste filter, add white noodles, add a fried fragrant yellow bean noodle, any spices are not added, rubbed into the softer than their own ear lobe, the best effect, so direct do the bait is quite good, interested fishing friends can try.