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Small skill of autumn fishing carp


Autumn is the peak season for carp fishing. In order to catch big carp in this season, in addition to the basic skills such as long pole, rough line, hook, scientific bait and so on, the author also summed up four small skills through practice, for the reference of the fishing friends:

One, muddy water hook: the hooked water under the muddy water is the point that the fishing person should choose more than one year, the water depth is above 1 meters, the water color shows the muddy or muddy pond as the fishing ground, and chooses the quasi fishing point for the bottom fishing. However, muddy ponds caused by man-made, livestock and other factors can not be selected as fishing grounds. Why do you choose a muddy pond to catch a carp? This is because:

1, the carp is the "expert" in making water. The carp usually excavate the bottom mud from its developed jaw to find food, and get a stock of muddy water and a layer of fish stars out of the water. So, all the ponds with carp group are muddy.

2. Carp likes weak light and often lives in deep water with low transparency. To select such a fishing ground and choose the right fishing points, we should have a bigger grasp of the carp.

Two, surface tug hook: surface tug hook refers to the bottom bait with the surface bait on which it is made on the day. The proposed method: 100 grams of bran, 40 grams of wheat flour, half bag of carp and half bag, pour into one vessel and mix well, then add a proper amount of pure water and rub it again and again, so that the elasticity and toughness of dough can reach the best state, its soft and hard degree is moderate and slightly hard (it can extend the bait time, and do not affect carp bite). Then put the dough into a double plastic bag and put it in place. When fishing, each time the size of the red jujube size bait, the entire hook is wrapped, oval (not exposed hook point), and then gently into the fishing point fishing. There are many benefits of hooking to carp.

1, suitable for carp with meat and meat.

2, the surface of the lump is scattered below the water to form more bait. It does not need to nest and do not need to nest, but also lures the fish quickly and stays for a long time.

3, can prevent small fish nest, catch the miscellaneous fish;

4, bait and bait are naturally unified, and fish are easy to bite and bite.

5, the number of bait changes is relatively reduced, not easy to fright fish, greatly improving the fishing rate.

Three, the clever use of double hook: clever use of double hook refers to the length of the brain line (about 10 centimeters) of the hook hung on the top of the fishing. In this way, bait sink into a fishing ground and basically rely on one piece. The target is large, the smell is deep, the fish is attracted fast, and the chance of fish biting increases.

Four, slightly lift rod: carp eating bait when more cautious, and more steps, so when floating there is a quiet time, do not be anxious to lift the pole, to wait a few seconds later. A slight lifting hook is mainly based on the characteristics of the bite of the carp, which is swallowed after the carp is first swallowed, so that the hook is swallowed up and then raised to the pole, so it is important to reduce the air hook and prevent the decoupling.