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On the skills of hooking fishing


The biggest advantage of string hooks is that after bait baited into the fishing line, there are bait in the three swimming layers, and we can also catch fish in different layers. Although the hook has the above advantages, it is the same as other fishing methods, easy to be affected by temperature, bait, season, climate and other factors, so that the fish eat the hook become slow or no fish bite, how to change this state? The author thinks that we can start from the following ways:

First, do the nest and fishing: not like a bomb hook like a hook fishing hook, can lure side by side, even if the eye bite frequency is poor, the fish will also have a bait and more gathering because of the fishing point. However, the effect of fish hooks, especially for those with large fish and thin lakes, is to bait and bait. If we only bait on the hook, it is unlikely that we will attract and retain the fish in the fishing spots.

Two, sooner or later, there are differences between the poles: fish tend to be warm. Sooner or later, they prefer to live on the bottom of the water. If fishing hooks are used in the morning, the closer the bait is to the bottom, the higher the probability of biting. When no fish bite, the fish can change the angle of the bracket according to the depth of the fishing area, and try to make the bait close to the floating layer of the fish as much as possible so as to facilitate the discovery of the fish and improve the rate of the bite.

Three, the material to the road to catch fish much: the hook fishing can be used both in vegetarian bait and meat bait, to optimize the fishing bait, to increase or enhance the aroma, sweet and fishy concentration of the bait, in order to stimulate the appetite of the fish and to make it bite.

Four. The first thing to do is to hook up the hooks first. The hook fishing is very interesting, but the more difficult thing is to wear the bait. The fishermen should be prepared beforehand, with more than a few strings of hooks. When they have hooks or bait in the fish, they will not be in a hurry to change bait.

Five, the most successful fish in the dead bait: the best season for rod throwing is mostly in the late spring and summer and late autumn. If the fisherman can turn the dead bait into a living bait, turn the static fishing method into a dynamic fishing method, which can stimulate the appetite of the fish and thus achieve a lot of fishing.