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Ten selection of winter hand fishing


First, choose small fishing waters: Fishing in the big waters in winter is like fishing in a haystack, often unsatisfactory or even empty handed. If you choose a small river, a brook or a small pond, a small pond, a small pit, and so on, the fishing ground will be different, and there will be even unexpected gains and surprises. Because the surface of such fishing ground is narrow, small waters appear warmer than large waters. Fish gather easily, and the water temperature rises quickly after exposure to sunlight. In winter, fish change with water temperature, happy in high wet shallow water foraging, in winter and no big shock and harassment, fish in the near shore warm sun, fishing hook easy fishing response, ten of the nine fish.

Two, selection and fishing old nest: winter fishing for the old nest for fishing spot easy to catch fish, for example, fish culture pond, the owner of grass, fish feed daily feed, the long time here will naturally become a fish dining canteen, winter is still a good fishing nest. There are also rivers and streams that often wash clothes, food, vegetables, tableware, etc. In addition, fish are always looking for warm sunshine in the warm waters. Do not lose new nest, the key to fishing in winter is to find fish, a hooked hook 1 to 2 hours no fish hook should be given up, usually 2 to 3 lure in turn fishing, no matter when the old nest of nest no fish can not be changed for a long time, waiting for rabbits will waste time, delaying the fighter, affecting fishing performance.

Three, choose fishing time is poor: Winter wild fishing has a minimum requirement, that is, the fishermen choose the time to fish properly, and make full use of the time difference to fish. In general, it's the best time to catch fish in the middle of the winter. L 0 to 15 p.m. is the best time for winter fishing.

Four. Fishing Chaoyang: fish have an instinctive sensitivity to water temperature. They live and feed on the north shore of Chaoyang in the same high temperature. In general, there are two most obvious characteristics of fish in winter: one is that the place where the water temperature is high is not willing to leave, the sun is warm, and the two is that fish like to gather together and play together, especially the crucian carp is especially obvious.

Five, select the hook: the fishing hook used in winter fishing should not be big, because the general fish appetite is inexorable, even if it bite the hook is not a big mouth, slow swallowing, slight action, hook with small bait into the fishing nest is also easy to catch fish, can fully achieve the effect of small fish and harvest. But to emphasize the point, the hook must be slightly exposed.

Six. Choose thin fishing line: wild fishing in winter. Choose fish thread thickness for fishing waters. If the general situation of fishing for crucian carp can be taken into account by the middle line, the main line is enough to catch crucian carp with No. 1.5. Practice has proved that no matter what fish struggle in winter, they are much smaller than those in summer and autumn. Just pay attention to this: if there is a hook in a big fish, never pull it hard, try hard to protect the hook line and soften it. It is not very important that the main line is a little smaller. The key point is: the sub line should be small, not big, smaller than the main line 1.O.

Seven, choose small drift small drift: Winter wild fishing, generally use streamlined small pendant, with the big drop of soybeans is appropriate. It is economical and economical to use floats, small cylindrical drifting, drip drifting, seven star bleaching, or self-made foam conical small floats.

Eight, select the warm and warm weather: it should choose 1 to 2 days before the coming of the cold wave, or the sunny weather recovery after the cold wave.

Nine. Choose fresh bait: fresh bait for wild fishing in winter and fresh bait. If you use earthworms as bait, stick to a sticky stick in the commercial bait of the crucian carp, prevent slipping and difficult to hook. Earthworm juice from the hook hole out of a peculiar smell of the sister, strong fish, the worm on the hook of the worm will also stimulate the appetite of fish. For example, bait should be used to bait the crucian carp with scent or Fishy Flavor.

Ten, choose Yang pole way: Winter wild fishing main target is crucian carp, occasionally large carp, mare fish hook. No matter what season fishing, the right pole method is: using the pole wrist to shake the rod tip, make the hook pierce the fish firmly, judge the size of the fish with the sense of hand, the small fish straight up the shore, and the fish take the fish to the shore.