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Our factory strengthened technological innovation


  Today when enterprise competition becomes increasingly fierce, he who has a strong technical force has the right to speak. The leaders of the company and the factory also fully realized this point. Our factory also strengthened technological innovation, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  For old products, we will review the product's fabric cutting, process, and accessories when reviewing the plan. If we find any method that can save the production cost or make the product operate more easily, we will change the design immediately. If the design needs to be confirmed by the customer, we will notice the export department to negotiate with the customer at once. For example, the fabric cutting of a product, through cutting side before or after change, or changing fabric number and size, can also achieve the same length and tonality. With reasonable changes, material costs may be reduced significantly. In addition, there was an epoxy rod product previously; if the rod body is wrapped with check and labeled with self-adhesive labels, the operation in the workshop would be tedious; but things are different if replacing the check fabric with colored check label. On one hand, the cost of colored check label is much lower than that of check fabric and on the other hand, the self-adhesive is saved; so it is more convenient to operate, the working efficiency is improved while the production cost is reduced.

  For new products, all problems should be solved in the sample period. The more sample costs are reduced, the greater is the chance of winning the next order, which will lay a solid foundation for wining more orders for the enterprise.

  As the saying goes, “science and technology are the first productive forces”. I believe that through reasonable technological reforms and technological innovations, and with solid technical strength as the backing for the flourishing development of the Qimingxing factory, our factory will become better and better!

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