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The eighth "Wang Wei King fishing Cup" national fishing tournament finals fined regulations


  One, do not change with the orders, plus 1 points.

  Two. If the fish is not protected, pick up the fish and pick up the next fish and pick up 1 points.

  Three. Pick up the phone, smoke and noise on the fishing line, plus 1 points.

  Four, after the end of the game signal, then the fish into the protection, the fish does not count the results, plus a penalty of 1 points.

  Five, fishing group does not comply with the regulations, must be qualified after the competition, plus a penalty of 1 points.

  Six, in the competition, the offside fish, this fish does not count the results; if the fish is placed in the fish, the largest fish in the fish is regarded as a foul fish, and the fish is taken off, plus a penalty of 3 points.

  Seven. In addition to fishing hooks, any other parts of the fishing group should be fined 3 points with bait.

  Eight, throwing pole impact on adjacent athletes, reminded by not taking pole throwers, plus 3 points.

  Nine, non race time, for various reasons to make the fishing group into the water, the reminder does not take prompt measures, plus 3 points.

  Ten, after the game, string fishing at random, exchange information, by discouraging non listeners, plus a penalty of 3 points.

  Eleven, splashing water, spitting, throwing things into the pool, and punishes 3 points.

  Twelve, bait must be regiment, once bait thrown out, repeat bait, regarded as a foul, plus a penalty of 3 points.

  Thirteen, intentionally destroy the nest, negative games or interfere with others' competitions, plus a penalty of 5 points.

  Fourteen, after the game without the referee permission to dump fish protection, plus a penalty of 5 points.

  Fifteen, use untrue identity documents to participate in the pre election contest; fight during the competition and fight; quarrel with the referees, disturb the order of the court, and cancel the qualification of the finals and the next competition and the finals.