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President Chen Liang went to the United States


  From July 26th to August 3rd, chairman Chen Liang led the team to the US for a 9 day business negotiation. President Chen Liang visited the famous ZEBCO company in the United States and received a warm reception by Mr. JEFF MOOR, vice president of the company. During the period, President Chen Liang also met with Mr. JEFF PONTIUS, President of the United States Association of angling Association and chief executive of ZEB cob, with the president of the Chinese culture and Education Sports Goods Association.

  The two sides exchanged the development status of the fishing tackle industry in their respective countries, and carried out positive consultations on the cooperation between the two parties on the fishing gear products and reached the Sino US cooperation agreement. After the meeting, both sides expressed the significance of the meeting, Mr. JEFF PONTIUS said that the United States angling association was confident of the quality of the Chinese fishing tackle products through the visit to China in May this year, and hoped that the two sides could continue to cooperate closely. President Chen Liang expressed his appreciation for Mr. JEFF PONTIUS's trust and stressed that cooperation between the two sides was based on friendship and integrity. In the future, our association will also actively endeavour to promote further exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and wish the success of the cooperation.



  President Chen Liang meets with Mr. JEFF PONTIUS, chairman of the US Fishing Association.



  JEEF MOOR, vice president of the ZEBCO company in the United States