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The Wuhan distribution center is set up by the Guang Wei Group


  Guang Wei Group, Wuhan distribution center of Guang Xing company, is expected to open in 8 and September of 2015 in Hubei Wuhan Hankou Huazhong enterprise town.

  The center is located in No. 16, No. 16, Hankou North Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan, house A1, room 2, with an area of nearly 1300 square meters. The center mainly provides delivery and maintenance services. It is set up by the Guang Wei Group in order to reduce the share of the customer's capital, shorten the arrival time of the goods, and be most likely to close to the customer and service customer principle.

  After the establishment of the star distribution center, it will further enhance the regional status of the distributors and maximize the benefits. At the same time, it will lay a good foundation for the better development of the market, the timely mastery of more information and the supply of practical needs for the customers.