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Never Forget the Original Will, Keep in Mind of the Mission


  On October 20, 2017, with the the smooth convening of the 19th Party Congress, all party members of the party branch of Weihai Guangwei Composite Materials Co., Ltd., and that of Weihai Expansion Fiber Co., Ltd. took part in the education activity in the national rejuvenation base under the organization of the Party Committee of Weihai Guangwei Group Co., Ltd.



  The first stop of the activity was the Mashishan Ten-warrior Memorial Hall. Today, we relived this painful history in order to not forget the national shame and remember the unfulfilled wish of the martyrs, and under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, inherit and carry forward the dauntless heroic spirit of “The military and civilian live and die together and sacrificing ourselves for the fellows” and the lofty revolutionary spirit of the people’s army who serve the people wholeheartedly. All party members paid tribute to the 4,735 revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed at Mashi Mountain and re-made the party oath facing the party flag. The lofty Mashi Mountain is an ironclad proof of the Japanese army’s atrocities against China, and is a symbol of the spirit of the Anti-Japanese War in eastern Shandong. She is a monument that will always stand in people’s hearts.





  At the second stop of the activity, we entered Jiaodong Nursery Education Base in Tianjia Village, Yazi Town, Rushan, where we felt as if we had returned to the war-torn era more than 70 years ago. Wet nurses of the Jiaodong Nursery School do not seek fame or fortune, and do not seek return but help those revolutionary offspring with life. More than 300 Rushan wet nurses bred more than 1,200 revolutionary offspring with their breast milk, blood and even life. The boundless love of “Rushan mothers create a miracle in the world with maternal love” is displayed here, demonstrating the spirit of “loyalty to the Party, thanksgiving, unyieldingness, generosity and selflessness”.



  At the third stop, we came to the Guo Yonghuai Deed Exhibition Hall in Rongcheng. Under the explanation of the working people, we learned that Guo Yonghuai devoted his entire body and mind to the motherland. Whatever the country needs, he would do his best. He regarded himself as a paving stone and took cultivating the next generation as his own duty. The future of the country is his future and he had no other desire. Guo Yonghuai was not good at words, but his loyalty to and love for the party and the country is felt by everyone. In the moment of the plane crash, Guo Yonghuai made that tragic decision - huddling with the guards and using their body to clamp the research data so that it would not be burned. How calm, decisive and heroic it was! That was fierce love for and loyalty to scientific research and the nation!






  After the activity, party members expressed their desire to strengthen their own construction and require themselves strictly. We should always remember that we are a Communist and should always maintain a positive and upward spirit, always be self-respecting, soul-searching and self-motivated, consciously obey and serve the overall situation in the work. In the work, we must give full play to the exemplary role of the party member, firmly establish the overall situation awareness and the overall concept, love and respect our work, dedicate to our work, and correctly handle the relationship between personal interests and collective interests.

  We should never forget our original will, keep in mind our mission and make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!