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Some superficial views on the fishing of the carp in winter


"In September, nine fish were sealed and the winter was not going to the pond." As the season changes, the weather gradually becomes cold, and many fishing enthusiasts stop fighting. In fact, as long as the basic characteristics of small fish feeding and small swimming in winter, some corresponding measures are taken, although the amount of catch is worse than the spring and autumn season, but it is still good. In recent years, some fishing friends have explored some experience in winter fishing. They are not generally suitable for the relationship between area and pond fish density.

One, the choice of fishing bait for winter fishing is the key.

In winter, the fish enter the semi hibernation state by its own reserve nutrition. It is not suitable for the fish to be used in summer and autumn, such as the dough and grain feed, which is often used in summer and autumn. Winter fishing carp, change the method of vegetarian bait, choose fresh earthworms (earthworm best) bait is very effective. Fishing with hand poles, 2-3 hooks were hung on each hook to form 4-6 live group bait, which had multiple peristalsis in water, enhanced the attraction power to fish, and urged them to swim and swallow. Group like live earthworms are similar to carp favorite dishes, so the rate of bait will be greatly improved. Using this method, not only can catch more than 500g large carp, but also catch 2-3kg about 2-3kg.

Two. The guerrilla effect is good.

In summer and autumn season, the choice of fishing position is also very important, but after all, fish feeding frequently, a wide range of travel, poor fishing can also have a harvest, many of the fishing friends have "fishing position established, the end of the death" attempt. Winter fishing is different, according to the basic characteristics of winter fish, carefully select the fishing position. Fish do not love, people want to move. Before positioning and fishing, select several points to detect water level. Generally, winter fish gather in deep water with high temperature. Some fish farmers for the fish in the pond for the convenience of fish, digging in the bottom of the pool about 1 meters of diameter of the fish nest, such as happen to detect fish nest, fishing will be a big harvest, so do not rush to hook before the official fishing, grinders do not miss wood workers. Of course, deep water is not always a place where fish flock together. If a fish is not eaten for a long time after a hook, it should be resolutely translocation and cannot be left behind. When the weather is clear and the temperature is relatively high, after 12 hours, the water temperature near the shore is higher and the fishing is optional. According to the experience of several fishing friends, the likes of guerrilla are more frequent than the positional warfare.

Three, withstand the stability of the rod.

As mentioned before, bait is a large mass of worming type earthworms. It is easy to induce active fish and carp to suck and cause hooks. At this time, it is necessary to calm judgment, that is, floating and sinking more, when the change is large, do not easily lift the pole, because of the large amount of fishing bait, small fish will not eat it short, more can not be swallowed at once, do not worry about the hook empty. The carp had been swallowed slowly and lightly, and in winter it was more so, so it was necessary to wait for the time to wait for the time to move the fish or drifting to the left and right. Practice has proved that changing bait frequently and making more mistakes will inevitably interfere with fish swallowing and lose the chance to hook, seriously affecting the results of fishing.