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Autumn bass


Perch is very active in autumn. Especially in 9--10 months, fish is fat and strong, biting fiercely. It's the best time to catch fish in a year.

Habits: perch is a carnivorous fish with fierce temperament and fast swimming. It lives in upper middle waters and rarely reaches the surface. The bass are very gluttonous. They encounter a tasty bait fish. They have no choice but to be picky. Often with crucian carp, shrimp and tiger, anchovy, wheat ear, minnows (some places are called white dace, fish, dace) for food, if there are palatable fish in the reservoir, such as green, grass, silver carp and bighead carp can also be eaten. The active season is 6~10 months, and the peak is 9~10 months, even in cold winter.

Two, the fishing method:

1. static floating fishing. Stick the bait with a pole and pole and stay still at one point. The rod is recommended for 5.4 meters or 6.3 meters. Because the perch is eaten by live bait, active pursuit, living in the upper and middle waters, so the rod fishing should be mainly based on floating fishing. Bait is good for living minnow (not too big for a little bass). When hanging a minnow, it should pass through the back, so that the mink will not die for a long time, swimming and attracting fish. The distance from bait to float is better than 1--1.5 M. this distance fits perfectly with the swimming layer of the bass. If you can't find live minnow, you can also use the fish section and catch the bass, but the effect is much worse.

2. sea rod string hook floating fishing. According to the experience of fishing friends for many years, it is the best way to catch bass in the reservoir. Now there are also some people using Lu Ya fishing, Lu Ya fishing is a kind of dynamic dragging, the bait small fish into the water, do not let it sink, slowly dragging, repeat throwing. This method of fishing is not in trouble. But Lu fishing only one person and one pole, still have to throw in, in the fishing process do not have time to rest; and the sea pole can be a pole, but also two people more pole, and hit the rod after the rest of the fish, while rest side fishing, very comfortable.

The concrete fishing method of fishing rod string hook floating fishing is to select 3 meters of the sea pole, hang on the hook (hook should be greater than the hook of fishing carp, the hook is also long), the plumb is under the hook, the length of the whole string hook is about l meters (3 hooks). A white plastic bottle is placed on the main line of the main line to form a floater. The bottle cap is opened, and the sea pole line is wound around the bottle mouth, and the cap is covered. The floater is very strong, buoyancy and convenience. If you don't catch the bottle, you can take it down and reuse it next time. When the hook is hung up, the minnow is also mounted on the back. As a result of the static floating fishing, the fishing bait on the sea pole should be moved, the more dynamic the better, only the minnows keep moving, the target is big, the fish is swallowed, and the rate of the hook is raised. Once the minnows are not moving, they should be replaced immediately. Hang fresh hooks on the hook and throw them into the water and let them drift. Sometimes it will be blown to the shore, when the hook and lead drop has touched the bottom, the floater will not be on shore again, the water depth is more than l meters, and then the mandarin fish will be caught. Because the mandarin fish is sunk, it does not actively pursue the target, but is ambush in one place to wait for the target to appear and attack, especially in the evening, the bass and the mandarin fish will follow the small fish to the shore, so it is normal to catch the fish on the shore and fish to the mandarin fish. Whether floating with hand poles or fishing by sea poles, the key point is that bait fish should be fresh, and only bait fish swim constantly.