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How to fish in a reservoir


The reservoir is an artificial lake, like the big river, not only with the natural scenery, but also a good place for the aquaculture products. Its vast air is far from the pond. The fishing friends can both get the fun of fishing in natural waters and catch the joy of fishing. Occasionally there is a chance to meet the big fish, and it is really fishing. A place for enthusiasts to be explored. However, compared with rivers and lakes, the living habits of reservoir fish have their own laws. Some fishermen think that the characteristics of reservoirs should be studied from the objective factors such as topography, physiognomy, water regime and aquaculture.

1. "spring hook library tail, autumn fishing Yin".

Most of the reservoirs are built by dam closure and river closure. There is a great difference in water depth between the upstream and the dam area. The deep water can reach tens of meters, and the rear part of the reservoir is only a few meters and more than ten meters. This naturally forms the seasonal characteristics of the spring and Autumn period. In spring, in spring, the water temperature of the shoals rose quickly because of the sunlight. All kinds of water and grass and grass and aquatic animals began to be active, which became a good place for fish foraging. Generally, the upstream water entry is also sufficient for the flow of dissolved oxygen, which is the area where fish reproduce. Therefore, spring fishing should go straight to the upstream or shoal of the reservoir. In autumn, after the pan period, the water level began to stabilize, especially the large fish began to swim gradually to the deep water. At this time, it was the peak time of the feeding. It was appropriate to choose the fishing point in the deep water area of the water. In the early autumn, it was generally better in the shady slope. In the late autumn, the sunny slope should be selected as the fishing point.

2. "go fishing small mouth, fall fishing pool".

Reservoir water storage is for agricultural irrigation, at the same time the use of fish, in addition to the natural water level rise and fall, a share to four, May began to release water, has been put in June, when the water level decreased significantly, the drop of one, twenty meters. During the rainy season in summer, water began to store again, which had great influence on the ecology of fish. The water level rises and falls, and the fish move less and eat less. Generally, it is difficult to catch big fish. Even if they want to catch fish, they are mostly crucian carp and so on. But during the period of rising water, the fish has the habit of near water, and the feed from the upstream water is abundant. On the other hand, when the fish fall back, it is necessary to catch a deep pool.

3. the bottom landforms of reservoirs are generally complex, including old rivers, roads, ruins and ditches.

These gullies, culverts and wasteland are rich in soil, and most of them are not deep water areas. They naturally become densely populated by aquatic organisms, that is, fish habitat. Asking local residents to identify the situation as much as possible is good for fishing areas.

4. the surface of the reservoir is generally large and its depth is large. Even if it is stocked with fish fry, its density is limited.

It is easy to imagine the difficulty of fishing in dozens of miles. Therefore, we must choose suitable areas and build fish nest, otherwise we will gather the fish. The local residents in the large reservoir have a fixed feeding experience, sometimes feeding their nest for a few days in a continuous time, and then use the same bait to feed the nest, as long as the hook is a big fish. Some people even calculated how much fish they had invested in fishing. It is obvious that the bait is more important and more in number. Therefore, to the reservoir angling do not try, often take a few days, feel the situation, build their own nest. If it's only temporary, then we have to go fishing for others' nest.

There are many fishing poles in the reservoir, so we should not be caught in the places where there are trees under the water, so as to avoid missing the fishing line. In the rock bottom area, the pendant should not be too heavy, and the hook should not be too many. Otherwise, it is easy to break the hook line.