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Summer wild river fishing carp bait


1. Bait.

Ingredients: medicinal liquor, corn, soybeans, wheat bran and honey.

Preparation of bait: the preparation of medicinal liquor, take clove 15, kaempferi, Angelica dahurica, fennel, cinnamon, cinnamon, rhubarb, 1 / 2 per yuan of money in 500 ml of high music, or high pure sorghum wine for 20 days or so to become medicinal wine. The soya bean is cooked with a fire, and it is rolled into sorghum and millet size particles; the corn is rolled into sorghum and millet size particles; the wheat bran is cooked cold and cold by fire. Mix the three kinds of materials together and add some honey and a proper amount of medicinal liquor to make it like a drop rather than a dripping wine. It can be used to lure the fish for 24 hours. Don't put too much in the nest.

Two, bait.

1. take the fine white noodles, add a little spice (the fishing gear shop is sold) and a little honey and water, and a soft, medium and not touch surface, so that it "wakes" for 10 to 15 minutes, pinched into a moderate size dough hook (not the hook tip) fishing.

2. with rice or corn hooks. If you use rice to fish, stir up the full rice, put it in a small pot or dustpan, and pour it in a proper amount of cold water and seal it, to the fishing ground with rice grains (crisp and fragrant, carp is happy to eat) hook. For example, if you use corn grain to catch the corn, you can directly hook the tender corn grain; put the old corn grain in the pot and boil it in a small heat until the skin is just blooming, and then cool down and hook it with corn.

3. with sweet potato chunk. After the sweet potato is boiled to medium well, it is cold (according to the size of the hook) cut into a medium-sized square hook. The sweet potato can also be boiled to ten mature cold and cold peeling, with sweet potato meat with some cooked bean noodles, a proper amount of white noodles, a little honey, and a soft, moderate and moderate without hand surface, with small dough hook (do not hook tips) fishing. If you don't use sweet potato meat and replace it with potatoes, the effect is pretty good.