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How to maintain a fishing rod


Fishing is now more and more popular, natural fishing gear equipment is also essential, but how to maintain a good fishing rod has become the concern of the fishing friends. Next, I would like to talk about the author's views and share with you.

1, correct operation method: when we are fishing, we should avoid the broken pole caused by improper operation. Therefore, when a big fish is encountered, it is a good way to take the "give up" measures if it is not possible to estimate whether the fishing tackle can compete with it. When the big fish can't lift the pole, it will throw the pole into the water to relieve the collision of the big fish, and use the elastic force of the missing rope to deal with the big fish and drag the fish down. In this way, the missing rope has become an offensive fishing tackle, and some fishing friends have lengthened the missed rope to prepare for fighting the big fish.

2. Be careful of the bottom of the hook: the bottom of the hook is also a damage to the fishing rod. When we hook the bottom of the hook, we must pull the fishing line off. This may only pull off a hook or brain line, and the pole, line and drift will not be damaged. However, do not use the empty hand to grasp the thread directly while pulling the line. Towel gloves should be placed, or the fishing line should be wrapped around the arms or waist. When the upper fish, the bait and the fishing line are left, the fishing poles should be placed on the scaffold or placed in places where others can't reach them. If you pay attention all the way, you can avoid unnecessary loss.

3, do a good job after fishing maintenance work: when the rod joint tight can not be collected, the rod can be placed vertically on the ground, and then use the pointed section to bring down the rod section that is impacted down, or to hold the fishing rod to the ground. The pole must be in order: when the pole comes out, it will be pulled out from the top of the rod in turn. When the pole is gathered, it will start from the handlebar, and it can not be wrongly inserted. When it comes to the pole, you can't get back, do not hurry, don't worry about it. You can't turn it down hard. You can turn to an experienced friend for help. You can't take it home and find a solution. It is not possible to seal the rod damp and closed, which can easily cause the rod wall to be painted or blistered, and also cause the natural fading of electroplating and other accessories as well as the corrosion of metal parts, causing loss of function such as eye guide, wheel seat, tail plug and so on. After the fishing rod is used up, put it in the ventilating place completely and dry, and wipe up the salt, water and dirt. .

4, note: do not make contact with high pressure wire, wire, wire, wire, etc. to prevent electric shock causing casualties, especially carbon fiber raw materials (carbon fiber) conductive, absolutely can not be used under high pressure line or wire, high pressure discharge near the possibility of casualties caused by high pressure discharge, use fishing rod must be injected. The security around it. When lightning strikes, it must immediately collect rods or leave from fishing poles to prevent thunder and lightning from causing electric shock and causing casualties.