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Key points for spring fishing of crucian carp


A year's time lies in the spring. For anglers, spring thunder, spring rain, spring breeze and spring are all in harmony. Too many wonderful words. Because at this time the cold winter, the grass and warblers fly, warm water fish Huan, is fishing people's golden season. The seniors divided the spring into three periods: early spring, Zhong Chun and late spring, because during the three periods, the focus of fishing crucian carp was slightly different.

First, early spring fish gist of the crucian carp. Early spring is about two periods of spring and rain, which is characterized by "warm and cold" at this time. The temperature is still not stable at this time, usually around 5 - 10 degrees. The water temperature picked up slowly, and the range of movement of the fish was still relatively small. And when it comes to the late spring chill, it's like winter. According to the climate characteristics of early spring, we should choose the warm sunny wind days for the fishing time; the water type pond is the main one, the fishing position is selected in the grass cave, the water depth and the water inlet or the inlet and outlet. The line group still uses the winter, the small hook line, the light falling small drift, and the food selection should still be the high animal protein content of the red worm, earthworm and river shrimp. High meat bait is the main reason; fishing time all day is between 10 a.m. and 15 p.m.

Two, the key to catch the crucian carp in the middle of the spring. Mid spring is about two solar terms, namely, the waking season and the spring equinox. The characteristic of this period is "spring blossoms". At this time, it is really the golden season. The temperature in mid spring has risen to about 15 degrees, and most of the water is cloudy, indicating that the fish have been extensively active. Whether it is rainy or sunny, the fish are feeding heavily, crazily replenish nutrition, and make the greatest efforts to breed the next generation. According to the climate characteristics of Zhong Chun, when fishing, we can go fishing as long as it is not windy and cool. The range of fishing points is no longer limited to small ponds. The shoals of reservoirs and lakes are the places where big guys often go out. Do not miss them. The shallow shoals of various waters, grass holes, grass edge, River Bridge holes, pile foundations and so on are rising fast, the fish like the gathering water, are good fishing points. Because eating is not too picky, the bait should be adjusted to the smell of the main, supplemented with strong fragrance, whether it is homemade bait or commercial bait can be. The choice of fishing method is more extensive. The pole and pole can be used. The line group can also be properly thickened to prepare for the capture of the big guy. At this point, the whole day fishing time expands, the fish time concentrates from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. But in early morning and evening, fish can still be caught in deep water and under various conditions.

Three, the main points of the gangling of the crucian carp in the late spring. Late spring is about two solar terms in Qingming to Gu Yu. The characteristic of this period is "spring is full," and the temperature continues to rise to around 22 degrees. But a famous poem in the "Qingming season" has revealed the characteristics of the rainy season. Because of the rainy weather, the humidity of the air is increasing. The water and grass in the pool began to wither and form a large area of bright water. In sunny weather, Carassius auratus will float up to the surface of the water as the temperature continues to rise. During this period, fishing for Carassius auratus, sooner or later, is mainly for fishing. In the sunny day, we need to correctly judge the swimming layer of fish, so as to adjust the depth of fishing. Especially in the grass water area, once the noon is fine, many crucian carp will float to the surface of the water to absorb oxygen and enjoy the warmth from the sun. In this case, we need to deal with it flexibly, such as poke hole fishing, floating fishing and so on. In the early morning and evening of sunny days, fishing is still the main beach, especially when Dongfeng is in the habit. In the grass free water surface, fishing can also display its advantages and speed. The choice of bait is more extensive, so long as it is suitable for fishing methods, no matter homemade, commercial bait, bait or incense bait can be used.