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The common sense of the use of several natural bait


1, green insect: the source of the green insect is more extensive, often in the green cabbage, the cabbage, can catch the green worm, put the green worm into the small bottle, pour into the wine cover, put into the refrigerator cold room.

  2, shrimp bait: can be divided into two kinds, one is small grass shrimp, one is large shrimp and white rice shrimp, shrimp bait shape and taste for a variety of fish taste, is a variety of fish food.

  3, maggots: it is a commonly used and remarkable seasonal bait. It is ready for 1-2 days in advance. It is suitable for Cyprinus, bream, white stripes and crucian carp.

  4, clam snails meat: it is the first class bait of black carp, and there is no or very few herring in the fishing area.

  5, tender bean: can adopt two kinds of methods: one is the first use of earthworms, dough, rice grains, such as fish do not bite, and then second, that is, to take the tender beans one grain for fishing, such as water bream crucian carp more, tender beans are good bait. If there is less fish in the waters and more fish, we should consider changing the green bait, shrimp, maggots and other bait to try fishing.

  6, mulberry: the premise of using mulberry as bait. First, there must be mulberry trees on the shore, and two in mulberry mature season. The more mulberry trees, the better the effect. Mulberry as bait, bream, grass, carp, crucian carp, are very fond of eating. The food is about 50 centimeters of water.

  7, texture: for a common broad-leaved tree in China, its color and flavor are suitable for a variety of fish tastes. The most popular one is bream crucian carp and so on.

  8, cooked wheat grain: take cooked wheat grain as bait, generally used in aquaculture waters.

  9, tender corn: use the tender corn as bait to catch fish and carp.

  10, white bean dry: can be used as a reserve bait. When the conventional bait does not work, if white beans dry, it often breaks the dull atmosphere.

  11, zizanxin: at the end of spring and early summer, if there is a certain quantity of black carp and grass carp in the water area, it is advisable to use Zizania latifolia or Zizania latifolia bait as bait, and the effect is very efficacious.