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Rules for fishing


Speaking of guarding fishing, we must take into account the adequacy of time. This is divided into two groups of people: office workers and free time fishing friends. The first thing to say is the office workers, the two rest days are the main time for fishing, then from the angle of fishing big fish, the time is a little shorter, but as long as it can be guided by the potential, find the water suitable for it, or to taste the interest of the big fish. Now let's talk about our personal experience. We should find a water area or a lake near the city within two hours. To do three selected three choices: the first choice, choose no one to go to the place of pole, water depth between three to ten meters, the best not to choose a regular person to the rod of water; second, to choose the relatively flat bottom of the water, because the sea pole is not easy to operate, so do not choose a place with more underwater obstacles; Three, we need to choose the water which is suddenly narrowed, and the junction of the narrow and wide water surface is also a good catch point. In addition, it is also a good catch point on both sides of the larger intake. Secondly, of course, the fishing friends who can freely control the time can find a better fishing ground in a wider range, and those remote mountain lakes are the first choice. This part of the fishing friends in the selection, such as the office of the office also has the principle of three selected three, the choice of a deep choice is not shallow, the nest as far as five meters in the lower reaches of the lake reservoir, twenty meters below the deep pool, and a small piece of Cliff cliff as long as a small space can be put down the pole, the big fish will certainly come to the time; two selected remote selection, find a person rare To the corner, even if the new path is entered, there will be unexpected big catch.