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The main point of fishing for complex fishing points


From the practical experience of fishing, sea fish and river fish have many common rules of activity: first, the two kinds of fish like to forage in reefs, grass, sunken ships, wooden piles and rubble; secondly, they are clustered; again, they have the characteristics of migratory.

In order to avoid many unnecessary troubles, we must master several fishing skills in order to avoid many unnecessary troubles.

A floating hook for fishing in a clump of reefs

The use of falling bottom fixed-point fishing under the condition of reefs is often easy to "break the war". The time of the tie weight, the tie hook, and the line change is too much to make the fishing time discounted. Especially when the fish is on the top, the fish can easily run off when the upper weight is lowered. Fishing in such a reef and gravel can change the fishing method, that is, the fishing of big weight points and fishing for big drift float. Floating fishing should adjust the length of the line according to the depth of the sea water. If it is the convenience of throwing and throwing the rod, it can not only solve the problem of the fish, but also achieve the purpose of finding the bait. Because the hook is affected by the fluctuation and wind force of the sea, bait hooks are drifting around the sea, thus expanding the range of fishing. Therefore, it is bound to increase the rate of fish.

Two, fishing downstream

People who often go fishing know that many kinds of marine fish like to live in salty waters, such as shuttle fish, bass and Barracuda. We have talked about their activity patterns and characteristics. If we want to catch fish, we must be subjective and objective. Fishing at the junction of the river and the sea is commonplace, but trouble is also common to everyone. Encountered in the river bottom conditions are complex, especially near the docks, such as shipyards and other parts of the gravel and rotten nets, sometimes someone else down the river hook, so that anglers can hardly hook. In this case, the mind should be calm, first to find out the bottom number, and then take the big weight line fishing downstream, the line should tighten, reduce the weight of the opportunity to roll in the river; and then try to avoid the gravel as much as possible, throw the mound to the edge of the reef to prevent card falling. This method is effective, it can avoid unnecessary card drop fish, effectively improve the upper fish rate.

Three. Improve the structure of the mound

Most fishing enthusiasts are accustomed to using lead weights, because lead weights are bigger and smaller, and easier to use, but they are easy to lose. Therefore, it may be better to use lead instead of wood material to make grooves. Lead the lead into a trapezoid and make the trapezoid forward, when the thread is raised, it floats because of the buoyancy of the wood, so that it is free from cacal and then downstream. It can effectively overcome the problem of running fish on the broken line.

We should grasp the essentials and skills of fishing in complex fishing spots, so as to catch big fish.