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The throwing skill of Fengtian river fishing


Because Creek fishing uses hooks, fine lines and light falls, if we are fishing, it is not appropriate for us to catch up to four levels of wind, because it is difficult to sprinkle the bait in the ideal position in such weather conditions. If the wind is smaller, it can also be used to catch the fish. It can increase the weight of the pendant, which will help to throw the rod.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of wind direction: the downwind and the adverse wind. If the wind is in the wind, you can take two ways to throw lines: one is when the water potential needs to be suspended by the suspension line, facing the opposite bank pole, throwing the bait above the oblique, and then moving the rod tip to the downstream. In this way, bait will have enough time and distance to stir up fish to catch food while it is underwater. The other is that when the water potential needs to be towed, it is more convenient to throw the line, so we just face the downstream and the bait in the ideal position. If it is against the wind, it should be oriented upstream, along the wind will bait to the top of the slope, after the bait into the water after the suspension drift method, the rod tip will move downstream. When the bait reaches the downstream, it will be converted to fishing by towing.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the wind, whether it is the wind or the wind, because the wind caused by the wind is more flexible, thus slowing down the transmission speed of the rod, line, hook, so that the sensitivity of the fishing will be greatly reduced, so that the fishing rod should be promptly and quickly when there is a fish news. Comparatively speaking, in the wind, fishing is the most difficult, and the effect is the worst, but as long as the fishing technology is applied properly, there will be better harvest.