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Attention should be paid to sea fishing at night


Night fishing is the same as day fishing and pole fishing. Because of the serenity around the night, the fish daring to approach the shore and encounter more chances of catching big fish, so it is advisable to use bigger fishing tackle. A hard rod should be used with a pole fishing. The line is slightly thicker than the day, and the hook should be larger than the day. The float should be drifting for night fishing. For pole throwing and fishing rods, we should use some hard and long throwing poles with simple and firm structure, and should not be out of order.

What should be paid attention to and the work to be prepared for night fishing:

Before fishing, we should investigate the weather and wind and waves in the local sea area in the same day. Try to reach your destination one or two hours before dark. Fishing must be selected at a flat and slightly higher level. Fishing tackle and other essential items should be concentrated in one place. Night fishing can not be alone, preferably three or more people together, each person's fishing distance should be as close as possible, easy to contact and help each other at night. In the fishing process, it is not appropriate to talk with the fishing friends, not to move back and forth or to use flashlights or headlights at random. If you don't pay attention, it will affect the hook rate or even fish. In the night fishing, there are often unintended fish, and sometimes a fish with poisonous spines. So, if you catch the fish you haven't seen, do not use the fish to pick the hook, you can cut the fish line or take the hook with the foot. In a word, prevent the stabs from being stabbed by poisonous fish.

The night fishing is best to wear pants and a waterproof jacket with a hood. The pants of the legs should be tight, the pockets on the clothes are more, and the cover is covered (preferably a fishing vest). In the reef rock fishing must wear antiskid shoes, fishing at the beach seaside should wear long rubber shoes to avoid gravel into the shoes. In case of emergency, some emergency medicine for trauma should be prepared.