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A brief discussion on the skill of fresh water walking fish


Walking fish is a difficult fishing technique to describe and master freely. We will encounter many problems in fishing, so we have to think about countermeasures. Now talk to you about the skills of the freshwater fish.

1. At the beginning of a big fish, I don't know what has happened (if the line is long enough), because the line has not held up its action, so it still holds the original state of foraging. When the fish hook into the fish's body, the fish will feel pain and move violently to get rid of the hook. Sometimes we want to pull the rod. It's not right to hook the fish in in depth, because at this time the fish line is already under great pressure, and then you're going to add a little bit of power, maybe pull the hook out, maybe break the line, it's a superfluous move. Because it is in the water, because it is in the water, we do not know the situation of the hook at all, so the fishing rod, sometimes repeated several times, want to put the hook into a point, this will make the fish lips left or right or the fish lips on the edge of the fish lip straight to pull the lips. Even if the fish lips were not pulled at that time, it would increase the instantaneous bearing capacity of fishing hooks and fishing lines several times, making the possibility of folding hook, straight hook and broken line increased.

2, after the big fish in the hook, it will escape to where it is considered safe, some people think that their fish line is good enough to pull the fish up, but at this point, the fish will change direction or go to the shore because of resistance, and when it hits the shore, it may run the fish, so learn to learn. The fish can be well controlled by walking the fish. In contrast to the hard pull, the fish line is placed only to escape. Once the fish runs to a place with obstacles, it is conducive to the escape of the fish. It is not good for us to walk the fish and catch, and the result will also run the fish.

3. Adjust the drag force of the fish wire wheel. When the big fish appears, it is necessary to open the drag knob moderately and adjust the speed of the line with the appropriate pressure of the index finger to prevent the high speed backflushing of the big fish to break the fish line. When the speed of the fish is slow down, it is necessary to quickly collect the line and adjust the traction knob, so that the fish line is in a more suitable state to prevent the fish from being under. As long as a fish does not turn white, it must fight a protracted war with it.