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Basic procedures for using a sea pole


Although the sea pole is different in length, its usage is basically the same. Its basic procedures are as follows:

(1) open the sea pole by section, so that all the coils are aligned, and in a straight line, the joints should be tightened up a little. The over coil should be used to handle the quasi winding wheel seat.

(2) the winding wheel, put the winding wheel on the card seat, fix it with the nut, push the reverse stop switch of the winding wheel toward the reverse position, pull the line head, the line can pull out, and then pass through the coil one by one until through the rod tip through the coil. Then attach the attached ring and the bomb bait for the throw.

(3) it is very important to turn the backstop switch to the forward position and adjust the drag device. Too tight, outlet resistance is too large, easy to disconnect when big fish; loose, outlet resistance is too small, when the big fish outlet too fast, later than the line broken. Generally pull the line with your hands, you can pull the fishing line.

(4) rotate the coiling wheel so that the bait can reach 30 to 40 centimeters from the pole. Then hold the pole at the winding wheel with the middle finger and the ring finger to the back. The first joint of the index finger hooks the line, turns the line ring, and throws the bait hook to the fishing point according to the way you are familiar with the throw.

(5) after the drop of the annex, immediately dial back the line ring and shake the handle of the winding line. When the line is retracted, the fishing line is still in the slack state, the sea pole is placed on the bracket. The elevation of the sea pole (the rod body and the ground) should be larger, that is, it should be steepy, and the elevation angle is directly related to the sensitivity of the rod tip reaction. Generally speaking, the higher the elevation angle is, the higher the sensitivity. The other criterion is whether the angle between the fishing rod and fishing line is the same. When the angle is closer to 90 degrees, the more sensitive the reaction is. Therefore, this angle is the core of response sensitivity. After the pole was secured, a small bell was placed on the pole tip.

(6) in case of strong wind, the high elevation will cause the fishing rod to be swaying by the influence of wind. In order to enhance the wind resistance of the sea pole, the elevation can be reduced, but it can not be too small, which will reduce the sensitivity of the rod tip; in addition, the sea pole can be retracted for a few sections, the height of the pole is reduced, the wind effect can be reduced, or the sea pole is lying on the shore, but the angle between the fishing rod and the line should be paid close to 90 degrees.

(7) after the sea pole is completed, you can observe the reaction quietly, or listen to the bell, or look at the tip of the pole. When you see the sharp swing of the rod tip or the ringtone, we can turn the pole back to the pole, then quickly collect the line, collect a few rice lines, and once again, so repeat a few times, so that the hook is fastened on the fish lips.

(8) after bathing enters water, after 20 to 30 minutes still does not have the response, then should start the pole, the replacement bait. Because the bait will soon disperse after entering the water, after half an hour, the bait will be eaten by the little fish, and no bait will be wasted.