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The secret of the big carp fishing


According to the fishing experience of fishing friends, "far, deep, grass, wind, clear, early, quiet, fragrant and alive" are the nine essential elements that can easily be obtained from crucian carp. 

Far, deep, and grass, these three words refer to fishing waters. Near the water, few people have patronized, have water grass, or near shore with a steep ridge and other shallow waters, or can also catch about 300 grams of crucian carp, but the chances are generally less. In many areas such as gullies, ponds, etc., where people often fish, or people are noisy, or there are roads along the waterside, or the fish are caught by surprise, it is not appropriate to get large crucian carp. If the water is far away from the water, there are water grass in the deeper waters, and the cloth nest can not be missed. Because of the good concealment and rich bait, the big carp especially loves to forage in this activity, so the big carp can be easily obtained. According to the instinct of avoiding heat and shade, avoiding cold and warming up and adapting to the environment, in the hot summer and cold winter, it is effective to catch big carp and fish in the waters of far, deep and grass. 

Wind, sunny, early, the first two characters refer to the natural conditions of fishing. The word "early" means fishing time. According to the fishing experience, the best weather for the big carp is that the three seasons of the spring, summer and autumn are 3 - 5, the east wind or the northeast wind, the sunny day (or the long shade), the South or the south wind below the level of 4 (or the clear day after the short fog) in winter. Because at this time the air pressure is high, the dissolved oxygen in the water is sufficient, the fish bait is active, and it is not surprising that it is easy to get crucian carp. 

From my fishing record, we can also find the best time for the carp. In general, spring and summer (minimum temperature below 24 c) and autumn three seasons are about 6 to 9 in the morning and not in the morning in the evening. In the three quarter, the catch was generally 2 to 3 times in the evening, and sometimes even more. The proportion of large crucian carp caught more than 300 grams was basically the same. The main reason is that the temperature difference in the morning is generally the day (0 - 24) smaller, and the morning air is cool and fresh, especially in the morning wind, the fresh oxygen must be injected into the water, and the fish bait is more active than the evening. This is the key factor for the early morning of the Carassius auratus. In winter (sunny days with a minimum temperature above 6 degrees Celsius), it is easier to get crucian carp than the other three seasons, but not in the afternoon. 

"Incense and live" refers to the bait. Bait (artificial bait) must be fragrant, but not fragrant (such as earthworms). Regular fishing is so, it's more to catch the big carp. "Quietness" refers to the environment of fishing. Keeping the fishing ground quiet is the most basic condition. When catching crucian carp, the fishermen and spectators must not forget themselves and make a big noise. 

On the other hand, the fisherman should be able to identify the big carp star more accurately and prepare the pole in time. Especially, the rod tip is hard and the rod is too hard to lift the rod.