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Coincidentally using traditional fishing bait


1. The advantages of retaining the traditional fishing bait

Traditional fishing is the way people can catch big fish. In fact, the traditional bait method also has a considerable effect on big fish. Some fishermen who have never played traditional fishing do not understand this. They often blindly criticize traditional fishing, and say nothing about traditional fishing methods. In fact, it is the key to catch big fish by using large tubing and large and hard bait. If the traditional fishermen fully realize this, they will be able to give full play to their advantages and learn something useful for themselves.

2. Traditional fishing can also be used for bait and bait

Traditional fishing by hand pole can absorb the advantages of the table fishing method, directly refer to the method of bait for bait, bait or bait.

Bait bait and use loose food to wrap the whole hook. The dissolution of bait is faster, and bait has a light state that is suitable for fish inhalation in the water. When the two fish bait, the fish suck the whole bait into the mouth. Therefore, the premise of using this bait method is that the line group is adjusted more sensitively and the hook line is slightly smaller. For example, fishing for 100 grams of crucian carp, we use pill 5 and 6 is enough. These two methods of bait, both floating and bottom fishing, are relatively fast fishing methods, and very close to the fishing method. In fact, when the line group reached a certain degree of sophistication, it evolved into a fishing line.

The improved traditional fishing method, the hook and thread are used finer, and the line group is more sensitive. In fact, it is an adaptation of the fishing method.

Of course, this improved fishing method is still relatively slow. Therefore, bait should not be too loose when bait is used. The most suitable bait for traditional fishing is bran feed with coarser grains and higher drawing powder content.